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Grom Parts & Accessories 14t PBI Drive Sprocket for GROM

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One of the BEST 'Real World' modifications you can make to your Honda GROM is going down one tooth on the Front Drive Sprocket! We now offer the PBI 14t Drive Sprocket! This Sprocket is MADE IN THE USA with PRIDE! This sprocket gives your engine added torque for pushing you through the air in 4th gear! Yes, going down one tooth in the Drive Sprocket WILL reduce your "Absolute" top-speed, in the REAL WORLD, unless you are a very small person, or have a great downhill run, you likely won't be going fast enough to come near red-line in 4th... That's where this sprocket can help! It gives the engine added gearing leverage to help push you through the air easier, and you can pick up some more MPH over what you would have with the stock gearing! Super easy to change! Don't even have to remove your chain completely from the bike! You will have to readjust your chain tension after installation! This is by far the least expensive/most effective mod you can make to your bike!

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14t PBI Drive Sprocket for GROM
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